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13 votes

External User Management usage

I have User Management externally with another tool, so need option to integrate those with application

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5 votes

Geometric drawing components

Actually I want to draw/design the geometric drawings(like square, rectangle, circle, etc) for gradient view in mobile app page.

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15 votes

Live preview for both iOS and Android app

Its takes more time to install and test/preview the app in devices(Android/iOS). To make comfort, recommending a enhancement or feature to test or preview the apps in Live. Like simulator in xcode or web simulator!!!

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3 votes

Shortcut keys for actions

Add shortcut(in system keyboard) keys to perform actions like Save(Ctrl+S), Delete, Copy(Ctrl+C)

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27 votes

Trail period extension

Haven’t explored OREOPS much yet! Request for more time! It would be nice, if trail period extension option available on demand basis

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20 votes

Build Log - Review

Build log should be reviewed – Output window

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